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Advances in cloud computing have provided every business with the tools and technologies required to run smoother and smarter. Despite this, many businesses are still overspending on inefficient processes and disregarding any insights they could be surfacing from their data.

We help businesses identify these opportunities and provide custom data and machine learning powered solutions that help reduce costs, improve decision making and streamline their operations.

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Founded in 2010

Helping businesses for over 10 years and one of Africa's oldest Google Cloud partners

Global Reach

Offices in South Africa, the UK and the US

100+ Engineers

Diverse team of engineers specialised in data analytics, cloud infrastructure, security and automation.

Member of Dynamic Technology Holdings Group

with 1,200 staff and partners across all industries


Trusted partners and experts on all major cloud providers and products


Diverse team of 100 cloud certified software engineers and data scientists


Helping businesses build, use and grow cloud software for over 10 years