Single View of the Customer

Know your customer

A single customer view combines data from various sources to build a comprehensive representation of each customer. By pulling together data from multiple touchpoints – CRM data, past purchases, website activities and marketing - we are able to build a comprehensive and accurate representation of a customer’s identity, at whatever point they are in their dealings with your brand.

Our data engineers integrate with your existing systems to create a Single View of the Customer with the data you already have. Additionally, new pipelines will be established to further enrich your customer profiles, identifying additional customer characteristics and segments.

Understand your customers like never before

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Match the product to the person

Accurate pricing and product recommendations need to be based on an accurate understanding of the customer. A reliable Single View of the Customer can ensure that you are offering the right products and services to the right customers.

No more time wasted collecting and collating data

With a system of automated data pipelines, your siloed data is collected, cleaned and deduplicated automatically.

Accurate customer journey insights.

Better understand how your marketing campaigns are performing at a customer level. Find the best ROI, identify areas of improvement and run campaigns that are truly relevant to your target customers.

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Single View of the Customer from DotModus

Why DotModus

Privacy and security are a top priority

We take storing and accessing customer data seriously. Our systems only gather essential information, encryption practices are kept up-to-date and access to data is limited and monitored.

Why DotModus

Data integration is our thing

There’s nothing we enjoy more than integrating and organising siloed data from across a business into one neat, accessible, easy to use system. We’ve been building Single View of the Customer solutions for nearly a decade now.

Why DotModus

Legacy System Integration

Feed the data from your older systems into one centralised database that is easier to manage and search. Pass data automatically between existing systems for seamless collaboration between departments and quicker service to customers.

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Understand your customers like never before

Chat to use today about building a fuller, clearer picture of your customer personas

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