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Machine learning powered audience management

Get the most out of your marketing activities. DotModus Audience Insights uses cookieless technology to group, understand and manage your audiences, allowing for marketing activities that are relevant, compliant and informed.

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A tool for tomorrow's data regulations

As the world moves away from 3rd-party trackers and cookies, your business needs a tool that operates within the boundaries of new data regulations. Audience Insights compliantly analyses the behaviour of your existing ideal customers and helps you to find more people just like them. It not only helps you target the right people but more of the right people.

Collect and collate data from all systems

Custom data connectors gather and combine data automatically from your social media, CRM and advertising platforms.

Smarter segmenting

Create intelligent audience segments based on predicted behaviour, interests and product preferences.

Lookalike customer finder

Expand your audiences with Customer Match. Automatically identify more prospects that fit your various ICP definitions.

Measurable results

Track the performance of specific campaigns against each of your customer segments.

Compliant, cookieless tracking

1st party audience tracking that operates within the boundaries of all new data regulations.

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Powered By Google Cloud

DotModus Insights Products are powered by Google Cloud but can also be integrated into both multi-cloud or on-premises environments.

Core Technologies

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Custom machine learning model training and development.

pubsub icon

Messaging and ingestion for event-driven systems and streaming analytics.

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Google Kubernetes Engine

Managed environment for running containerised apps.

bigquery icon

Data warehouse for business agility and insights.

Built on these Open-Source Technologies

django icon

Python Web framework for rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

argo icon

Open source Kubernetes native workflows, events, CI and CD.

open distro icon
Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch enhanced with enterprise security, alerting, SQL, and more

plotly icon

High-level, declarative charting library.