Natural Language Processing

Intelligent language processing for any business

Natural Language Processing uses Machine Learning to intelligently interpret and understand natural human speech and written text.

With NLP, we can give computers the ability to not only understand the meaning of individual words but also understand intent and sentiment. This technology lets us create innovative and intelligent applications designed to help streamline customer support, organise documents, annotate videos and more.

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Understand sentiment.

Sentiment analysis inspects the given text and identifies the prevailing emotional opinion within the text, especially to determine a writer's attitude as positive, negative, or neutral.

Identify entities.

Entity analysis inspects the given text for known entities (Proper nouns such as public figures, landmarks, and so on. Common nouns such as restaurant, stadium, and so on.) and returns information about those entities.

Label content by topics.

Content classification analyses text content and return a content category for the content.

Offer 24hr support to customers.

Give customers access to a support desk that’s available 24-7. Program your chatbot to decide what’s urgent enough to disturb a human after hours.

Drive sales.

With the right script and messaging, a chatbot can make sales. Personalised recommendations, lead qualification and smart upselling can empower your chatbot to be an effective member of your sales team.

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Natural Language Processing from DotModus

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The University of Pretoria

Read how our “SCU-B” chatbot is helping be the first line of support for many students at UP.

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Learn more about NLP

Speak to our ML team today about where you could start using NLP to streamline your business.

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