Video Analytics

Extract data from video in real-time

With Google Cloud’s Video AI, we are able to provide precise video analysis and extract rich metadata from video at a frame-by-frame level. Machine learning algorithms help to instantly detect people, objects like vehicles and more to generate metadata which can be used in a multitude of different ways.

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Precise video analysis

Automatically recognise and extract over 20,000 objects, places, and actions in stored and streaming video.

Content moderation

Identify when inappropriate content is being shown in a given video. You can instantly conduct content moderation across petabytes of data and more quickly and efficiently filter your content or user-generated content.

Simplify media management

Search your video catalogue the same way you search documents. Extract metadata that can be used to index, organise, and search your video content, as well as control and filter content for what’s most relevant.

Develop intelligent video apps

Gain insights from video in near real-time using streaming video annotation and trigger events based on objects detected.

Recommended content

Serve recommended content based on labels generated by extracted metadata and a user’s viewing history and preferences.

Automatically build a media archive

Create an indexed archive of your entire video library by using extracted metadata.

Contextual advertisements

You can identify appropriate locations in videos to insert ads that are contextually relevant to the video content. This can be done by matching the timeframe-specific labels of your video content with the content of your advertisements.

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Get started using Video Analytics in your business

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