Data Integration and Pipelines

Collect and link data from across your business

Many organisations typically have their data isolated across different systems and departments instead of integrated within the business. Data integration involves collecting, cleaning and combining data residing in different sources to build a unified view. We configure data pipelines that feed data automatically from systems (both new and old) into one centralised database. The resulting system is easier to manage and faster to search, allowing for seamless collaboration between departments and quicker service to customers.

Additionally, machine learning can be used to capture data from labour-intensive sources like paper forms, invoices, receipts, images, video and audio. Reducing the burden of these low value, high volume tasks can improve data efficiency, accuracy and job satisfaction.

Effective data integration encourages collaboration between departments and helps give managers a holistic view of activity across a business.

Few businesses are without bottlenecks - tedious, manual tasks that take unnecessarily long and yield poor results. Data Pipelines give us the ability to automate manual tasks and streamline the tools staff already use. Automation through effect Data Integration can have a compounding effect on workplace satisfaction, productivity and safety.

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Automate data capture.

Improve data efficiency and accuracy by capturing data from paper forms, invoices, receipts, images, video and audio with machine learning.

Set the foundation for future projects.

Data integration is the first step to successfully scaling a business and leveraging company data. A reliable, centralised database is essential for any effective data project.

Quicker decision making.

Giving managers and employees direct access to the data they need from across the business vastly speeds up decision making across departments.

Improved customer support.

Data integration enables businesses to quickly access customer information from across the business, without having to sift through silos of documentation. With customer information readily available, companies can improve customer service and build better relationships.

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Data Integration and Pipelines from DotModus

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