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Business intelligence is about having comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect your business. It is the process that transforms data into information, providing in-depth knowledge about customers, competitors, your industry and internal operations. A well-executed BI strategy, that pairs relevant data with informative tools, can give your company a distinct competitive edge.

Our data team will help plan and implement a business intelligence solution tailored to every part of your business. We will bring together data from across your business and present it in easy-to-use dashboards with rich, interactive reports and compelling visualisations.

Your team will find it easy to explore your data, and use powerful insights to drive faster, better business decisions.

Transform your data into value

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360 degree view of your customers, products, services and business.

Ensure that your data journey answers all the questions you want to ask of your data.

Quickly turn data into actionable insights for your business.

Analyse your business needs and address them with a BI solution that is relevant, reliable and concise.

Future-proof your BI strategy.

We use scalable, 100% cloud-native technology that adapts to your organisation's evolving data strategy so you can quickly react to changing business requirements.

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Business Intelligence from DotModus

Why DotModus

Google Cloud Infrastructure Specialisation

We are an Infrastructure Specialised Google Cloud Partner. Google Cloud Partners that have achieved Specialisations have the Google-validated skills to help you achieve your goals.

Why DotModus

Gather the data you need

BI requires combining relevant, clean and up-to-date data to be accurate. Our data team will help you identify and integrate the data that truly matters to your business.

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Transform your data into value

Speak to a data expert today about our BI solutions.

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DotModus is a team of over 120 engineers specialised in data analytics, cloud infrastructure, security, automation and app development.

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    Trusted partners and experts on all major cloud providers and products

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    Diverse team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Cloud Architects and Software Developers

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    Helping businesses build, use and grow cloud software for over 12 years

Cloud certifications from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are the globally recognised standard for developers, data engineers, and IT professionals. Each certification is a trusted stamp of approval that validates an individual's expertise and ability to understand, implement and support a given cloud solution or product.

Obtaining a certification requires months of prep and passing an independently invigilated exam.