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Machine Learning in your Industry

A showcase of data-driven artificial intelligence methods and how to use them in your business

  • What ML is and isn't
  • How businesses like yours are using ML
  • Where we see ML going
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The Future of
Data Analytics

How engineering your company and customer data can drive better business decisions

  • Automating your data pipelines
  • Modernising outdated reporting tools
  • Coupling analytics with ML to identify trends
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Saving and Scaling with Cloud Infrastructure

Quick and dirty intro to why and how to move your company to the cloud

  • Overview of Google, Amazon and Microsoft's cloud platforms
  • Determining which services could benefit your business
  • Data compliance and safety
  • Examples of pricing options
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Introduction to

Introduction to HeadSpin, the world's first Connected Intelligence Platform™

  • Overview of each of HeadSpin's tools
  • Deep dive into their connected device network
  • The future of mobile and IoT app testing and deployment
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Introduction to

Introduction to the Atlassian ecosystem of tools

  • Overview of each of their tools and how they can help your business
  • Our stance on modern project management and workflow
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Introduction to

Introduction to Google Cloud's Anthos, an open application modernisation platform

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Introduction to

Introduction to the cross-cloud API management platform Apigee

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