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Mediacom helps people, brands and businesses unlock their growth potential through media. Their success is underpinned by “People First, Better Results”. By investing in their people, they deliver better results for their teams and their clients. One element of this investment comes in the form of technology. They strive to provide their people with innovative systems that streamline their daily operations and empower them to work smarter and more efficiently. Unparalleled data monitoring and management tools ensure that their teams can work with an unconstrained focus on driving growth for their clients. DotModus was tasked with assisting in building one such tool.

Mediacom found many of their teams were spending time extracting and formatting the same data. Analysts would run queries as and when needed, and depending on how and when these queries were made, the resulting data output would occasionally differ. Mediacom needed to cut down on unnecessary time spent building and processing multiple instances of much the same data queries, ensure their analysts had a single version of truth, and make that data available daily in a timely fashion.

Firstly, to ensure the fastest possible access to data, all datasets needed to be moved to Google Cloud Platform. Hosting data in a highly available and highly scalable cloud environment like GCP means that it is much easier to manage and unaffected by spikes in query traffic. Our chosen architecture included Cloud Storage for storing data, BigQuery as the data warehouse, DataPrep as the ETL tool and Cloud Composer to orchestrate everything.

With the new cloud environment set up, a layer of automation could be added. MediaCom needed one process to automatically provide their analysts with data each day. A custom module was built and added to their cloud environment that would automatically perform predetermined queries. Each morning, queries would run across the various client-specific datasets and present MediaCom analysts with the data they needed each morning to start their day.

MediaCom’s analysts are now free to focus on delivering better results to their clients. The data they need each day is prepped, collected and ready before they even walk in the door. By investing in cloud technology for their people, MediaCom is future-proofing their business and ensuring that they can continue to unlock growth potential through media for their customers for years to come.

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  • Cloud Native Application Development
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