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The quickest way to get specialised talent

Gain access to a highly skilled team of on-demand consultants and project-based workers without the risks and overheads associated with permanent employment. Our teams are vetted, tested, trained and ready to be placed rapidly within your organisation.

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Get the competitive edge in productivity

Augment your existing workforce with a pro for any task.

The right skills every time

You may not always have the right skills available at the right time. DotModus will match your project requirements with the skills you require to successfully deliver your project.


Quickly scale your workforce up and down as needed by bringing DotModus consultants on-board during peak times.


Maintaining a large permanent workforce is costly. Only pay for our consultants as long as you need them. Additionally, DotModus will provide all hardware and software required to deliver on project requirements.

Assessed Talent

All candidates are thoroughly assessed and tested to make sure they're the best fit for your business and project.

Rapid, Efficient On-boarding

We will facilitate the on-boarding process quickly and effectively to ensure that consultants can start adding value from day one.

Ongoing management

DotModus will undertake regular check-point meetings with the consultants and the line managers to ensure that value is consistently being added.


In order to ensure that all project artefacts are easily found when our consultant rolls- off site, DotModus will facilitate the off-boarding process.

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