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Reduce repetitive tasks across your business to improve data accuracy, cut costs and empower your teams.

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Create a chatbot

Use AI to support your call centre staff or build a Chatbot to provide intuitive, 24hr assistance to your customers.

Read about our chatbot at the University of Pretoria

Automate your data capture

Streamline your data collection process with AI for improved data quality and faster analysis.

Read how we helped Anglo American with data capture

Extract data from video

Use Google's Vision AI to automatically detect and classify objects in videos and images.

Read how we helped Dentsu get data from video

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More than 33% of B2B technology buyers will rate chatbots as a Top 10 engagement channel.

As the technologies mature, chatbots and virtual assistants will leverage first- and third-party data along with AI and machine learning to offer more personalized, guided experiences.

35% of companies will double down on workplace AI.

Forrester forecasts that by the end of 2021, one out of every four remote workers in the US will be supported by new forms of automation.

Robotic process automation (RPA) bots combined with conversational intelligence and other intelligent automation will handle business tasks often invisible to the home worker.

More than 60%of B2B sellers will be enabled by AI and automation.

Sales tools that capture and automatically upload buyer and seller activity data to CRM systems will finally take sellers out of the data entry game. Sellers will have the time and space to conduct deeper customer research, cull insights from data, and orchestrate more meaningful interactions with buyers.

AI can surface patterns, guide the seller to the next best action, and identify the buyer’s preferred channel.

Bringing the benefits of AI to everyone

Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. AI is helping do that in exciting new ways, solving problems for users, customers, and the world.

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Team Certifications

Cloud certifications from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are the globally recognised standard for developers, data engineers, and IT professionals. Each certification is a trusted stamp of approval that validates an individual's expertise and ability to understand, implement and support a given cloud solution or product.

Obtaining a certification requires months of prep and passing an independently invigilated exam.
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification
cloud certification

Turn your busyness back into business

Few businesses are without bottlenecks - tedious, manual tasks that take unnecessarily long and yield poor results. Automation can streamline and integrate the tools your staff already use and have a compounding effect on workplace satisfaction, productivity and safety.

Low-risk Integration

Robotic process automation is non-invasive and can be implemented without disturbing existing systems.

Workplace Safety

Diminish the scope for human error and improve the safety of your workplace.

Data Compliance

Automation can reduce human contact with sensitive data and provide clear, honest audit trails.


Reduce the time your employees spend on repetitive tasks and free up time for innovative problem solving.


Lightning-fast data processing and anomaly monitoring with consistent and accurate results.


A reduction in manual errors leads to improved data quality, enabling more reliable analysis.