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2020 Industry Report

Retail and eCommerce

Using big data and AI to master a volatile retail environment

There is a significant opportunity for forward-thinking retailers to embrace platforms that enable them to be more data-driven, agile, automated and efficient.

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Cloud solutions for any retail environment

Drive better business outcomes such as operational improvements, more efficient customer acquisition and retention strategies, and richer omnichannel customer experiences.

Never go down

Improve availability during peak usage with autoscaling cloud hosting. Be ready for all traffic with online store hosting that never slows or crashes.

Smart marketing

Leverage machine learning-powered digital marketing solutions to activate audiences and deliver personalised customer engagements.

Demand planning

Use advanced AI to accurately make demand forecasts to minimise stockouts, reduce excess inventory and avoid unnecessary discounting.

Customer Analytics

Use ML to identify patterns human analysts would miss. Make granular predictions about new or short life cycle products, or segment customers for microtargeting.

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