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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Mining and Manufacturing

Bridging the industrial and digital worlds with new technologies that enable mining and manufacturing companies to elevate automation to unprecedented levels.

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2020 Industry Report

Mining & Manufacturing

Under pressure to innovate and improve efficiencies

Forward-looking mining and manufacturing companies are accelerating their digital transformation programs, with a view to get end-to-end perspectives of their value chain and ecosystem.

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Innovating to improve efficiencies

We're helping businesses get end-to-end perspectives of their value chain and ecosystem.

Demand and capacity planning

Custom algorithms and business rules to predict customer demand for production scheduling and inventory planning.

Predictive maintenance

Continuously monitoring machines using sensors, and then using the data to predict failures and perform maintenance at the optimal time.

Yield optimisation and quality testing

Use AI and machine vision to identify defects (like poor ore grade quality or manufacturing defects) earlier and at a lower cost.

Back-office automation

Cognitive intelligence, optical character recognition and machine learning to transform unstructured data (invoices, photographs, forms and so on) into structured data.

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