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We're helping logistics companies streamline operations, optimise shipping routes, improve risk management and respond with more agility to volatile demand.

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2020 Industry Report

AI-powered solutions for transport and logistics

Steering through COVID-19 and navigating a new tech landscape

The speed of change in transport and logistics—hastened by the impact of the pandemic—demands agile responses from companies, informed by up-to-the-second data. This comes at a time when they have access to more and richer data via vehicle telematics, Internet of Things devices in warehouses and vehicles, digital freight platforms, open government databases, mapping and real-time traffic information systems, and more.

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Managing high velocity and large volumes of data

We provide AI-powered and cloud solutions that help transport and logistics companies to reduce costs and optimise performance across their business. We are able to build at a pace that matches the speed of industry change and scale up efficiently.

Organise and Manage Data

Make timelier decisions across departments by making company data accessible to people who need it, but secure from everyone else.

Integrate data from multiple sources

Provide a single, comprehensive, contextual set of operational knowledge.

Leverage analytics

Surface insights and predict activity across routes, assets, financials and operational workflows.

Advanced visualisations

Track vehicles on immersive maps, monitor fuel consumption across the fleet and keep track of maintenance issues.

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