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We're helping banks and financial services companies democratise insights and drive better cross-functional decision-making. With intelligent, custom-built algorithms, our machine learning teams are solving complex regulatory problems, automating countless business rules and helping streamline operations.

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2020 Industry Report

Financial Services

Finance Data Democratised

Armed with self-service analytics, financial services groups can enhance every part of the business, front-office to back-office. Analytical insights hold the key to providing more personalised customer experiences, streamlining regulatory reporting, identifying risk and fraud, and driving operational efficiency.

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Embrace AI

New regulations, the continued threat of new and non-traditional competitors, and fast-changing customer expectations add even more complexity to an already volatile mix. Yet amid the challenges, these times also offer forward-thinking banks and fintech companies the opportunity to carve out a sustainable competitive advantage.

Ensure your data is accurate and compliant

Automate your business rules and validations checks to automatically pick up data and payment anomalies for faster fraud detection.

Automate your data capture

Improve operational efficiency by extracting structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to your business applications and users.

AI-driven customer segmentation

Automatically analyse and group customers into segments, using trends in activity and behaviour that may not always be apparent to human analysts.

Improved experience for your customers

Contact Centre AI (CCAI) helps speed-up customer requests using virtual agents, helps assist live agents, and offers insights on all your contact Centre data to improve your customer interactions.

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