Healthcare and COVID-19

Unlock the power of data in healthcare

Data-driven solutions for healthcare professionals. Deliver superior, personalized care for your clients with data you can trust.

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  • Advanced predictive analytics

  • Reduce costs beared by patients

  • Drive higher quality healthcare and value for customers

  • Health plans incentivized on outcomes

  • Comply with CMS rules

  • Meet COVID-19 reporting requirements

  • Reliable, real-time reporting

White Paper

The pressure for digital transformation has never been higher in healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to test the limits of North American healthcare providers. Not only have they needed to rapidly surge clinical capacity to cater for the extraordinary pressures of the coronavirus outbreak, they have also had to...

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Driving better operational decisions and patient experiences

To use data to make timelier decisions, optimize care pathways and streamline operations, healthcare providers need to put in place platforms and processes that enable them to:

Organize and Manage Data

Make data accessible to people who need it, but secure from everyone else. Provide caregivers the answers to their own questions without the need for constant analyst oversight.

Centralize Their Data

Integrate data from multiple sources and provide a single, comprehensive, contextual set of clinical and operational knowledge.

Leverage Analytics

Gain insights into clinical, financial, and operational workflows, thereby helping to lower costs, reduce staff burnout, and enable better care for more people.

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