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Better audiences for publishers, and agencies

Our data solutions are helping agencies understand their audiences more deeply. By leveraging custom machine learning algorithms, they are creating more personalized experiences, enhancing ad impact, and driving growth.

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2020 Industry Report

Media, and Marketing

AI-powered solutions that drive better outcomes, and audience engagement for publishers, and agencies

Few sectors have been hit as hard by the COVID-19 pandemic as digital publishing, and advertising. Though many digital publishers have benefitted from audience growth and increased online traffic during national lockdowns when people were asked to stay home, the economic pressures of the virus have prompted most brands to cut back severely on their ad spend.

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Enabling better audience, advertising, and budget management with modern data, and AI solutions.

We help organizations to use machine learning to build cognitive systems that streamline operations, better predict spend/cost, and deliver flexible, personalized, and cost-effective audience engagements.

AI-driven audience segmentation

Automatically analyzes, and groups the audience in segments, using trends in activity, and behavior that may not always be apparent to human analysts.

True personalization

AI effortlessly tailors ads, and content to each consumer’s behavior, and preferences. Personalize every experience at scale.

Better ROI measurements

Use machine learning to target, predict, and prioritize audience interactions, and generate more accurate ROI measurements

Richer video analysis

AI can determine the content, mood, themes, and logos contained in any number of videos for the more comprehensive video reports.

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