Jaguar Land Rover

On the Highway to the Cloud

  • Automate the collection of company data and present it in a centralized reporting tool

  • Build data pipelines for each social platform and company division

  • Store and secure the data in a single database

  • Present the data with a fast, filterable dashboard

  • A fast, reliable database and intuitive and informative reporting tool

Jaguar Land Rover has long been associated with innovation and using digital solutions in addressing business pain points. One such pain point keeping Jaguar Landrover South Africa (JLRSA) in the slow lane was data reporting. Large, clunky spreadsheets that resembled rush-hour traffic were leading to data inaccuracies and poor business agility. Naturally, as a Google Partner with Data Analytics specialization, DotModus was eager to help.

Firstly, our engineers set up a process that automatically gathers and organizes the large amounts of data generated by each department. Custom data pipelines gather data from various APIs and onsite SFTP servers across the company and feed it in one centralized database. Each pipeline in the ingestion process runs periodically through batch processes, ingesting data in daily, weekly or monthly intervals depending on each department’s reporting needs. To create and manage these pipelines, Cloud Build was used, along with a Cloud Composer instance running a managed version of Apache Airflow.

The centralized database mentioned earlier is Google Bigquery. Once data from each department arrives here, it is converted to JSON and used downstream in BigQuery to generate more manageable datasets. Any failed imports or discrepancies in the data are picked up in Operations (formerly Stackdriver) which triggers an alert that immediately notifies our internal messaging system.

The resulting dataset is neat, manageable and ready for presenting in a meaningful and informative way. To achieve this, our team looked no further than Google Data Studio.

Data Studio is Google’s dashboarding and reporting tool that connects seamlessly to BigQuery and various other databases. Being totally free to use (with no per-seat or per-instance licenses) also meant that any staff member on the JLRSA domain (with the required level of permissions) could use and explore the dashboards with impunity. This vastly eased any onboarding and helped encourage the use of the solution. Data Studio was perfect for putting together the fast, interactive dashboards JLRSA were needing.

9 dashboards were provided to JLRSA:

Each of the dashboards boast aggregated metrics, real-time filtering and instant search, allowing for quick and simple exploration and comparison of the data gathered. In under five minutes, a user is able to pull their own report for the Gauteng dealership that sold the most Glacier White Jaguar F-PACEs with ebony trim in July 2018.

The move from manual, spreadsheet-based reporting to our solution has empowered JLRSA to transform the way that their data is analysed, presented and accessed. At the touch of a button, decision-makers can view real-time, accurate and relevant data, providing management with the ability to make swift decisions that translate to meaningful business impact so as never to be caught in the headlights of a data disaster again.