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Get Your Data Ready for Machine Learning & Analytics in the Cloud

Trifacta accelerates data cleaning & preparation with a modern platform for cloud data lakes & warehouses.

Data Quality is everyone’s job. To accelerate data preparation and maximize data quality, Executives, IT, and end users all must have eyes on the data so they are able to see the impact of changes throughout the entire data’s lifecycle.

Successful analysis relies upon accurate, well-structured data that has been formatted for the specific needs of the task at hand. Data wrangling is the process you must undergo to transition raw data source inputs into prepared data set outputs to be utilised in your analysis.

Profile, Clean and Deliver Quality Data Faster

Analytics Executives

Enable your teams to work with more data, faster so you can execute strategic initiatives.

IT Leaders

Curate information for people who know the data best, while ensuring security and compliance.

Data Engineers & Analysts

Work faster and smarter with a platform that removes bottlenecks and encourages collaboration.

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