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Healthcare Technology

We provide AI-powered data solutions to healthcare services helping you give your clients the care they need with data you can trust.

Patient data compliance Higher quality healthcare data Legacy system integration

Healthcare Customers

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Challenges in Healthcare Data and Interoperability

Disparate source systems, multiple sources of truth

High volume/velocity data generation

Multiple integration and data exchange standards

Trapped data in EHRs

Inadequate security and compliance

Inability to capitalize on growth in tele-health

Unmatched Data Power

  • Advanced predictive analytics

  • Improve population health and patient outcomes

  • Improve patient experience

  • Improve Clinician experience

Compliance and regulation

  • ONC and CMS interoperability rules

  • Aggressive deadlines - Increased urgency due to Covid

  • Reliable reporting

Focus on value based care

  • Consumers bears less costs

  • Drive higher quality healthcare and value for customers

  • Health plans incentivized on outcomes