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Automation and AI

We provide custom AI-powered solutions and robotic process automation to help reduce repetitive tasks across any business to improve accuracy, reduce costs and empower teams.

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Every organisation runs differently, powered by unique workflows, systems and goals. Regardless of what these different processes may be, few businesses are without bottlenecks - tedious, manual tasks that take unnecessarily long and yield poor results.

Automation can streamline and integrate the tools your staff already use and have a compounding effect on workplace satisfaction, productivity and safety.


Intelligent automation is minimising customer wait time. Contact centre AI, remote diagnostics and smart support ticketing is saving time for both customers and staff

Marketing and Advertising

AI-powered, context-aware advertising is pulling data from dynamic feeds, such as weather or breaking news and ensuring that adverts are played and shown at the best possible time. This technology is both protecting brands against accidental "tasteless timing" and increasing marketing efficiency.


Extracting text from customer documents with AI and automating repetitive processes such as card cancellations and charge reversals is reducing the demand on employees and improving response times for customers.


AI-powered, context-aware bots are speeding up patient data collection, scheduling appointments and better preparing doctors for appointments. Machine learning techniques are paving the way for a better understanding of diseases and faster research and development of new treatments


Automation is powering successful omnichannel retailing by ensuring consistent, personalised experience across all retail channels. Machine learning-powered integrations are also helping streamline inventories. pricing and shipments


AI and machine learning can rapidly consume and analyse large volumes of documents, images, videos and metadata to discern fraudulent from legitimate claims. The same tech is being used to substantially speed up customer onboarding and valuation work, allowing insurers to focus on a customer's immediate needs and not lengthy, quantitative calculations.


Logistics companies need to achieve and maintain potential economies of scale to compete in the current environment. AI-powered demand forecasting and supply planning reduce error rate significantly compared to more traditional methods and give businesses the agility they need to stay competitive.


Automation, in the form of robots at least, is no stranger to the manufacturing industry. RPA is now being used to streamline supply chain procedures beyond the factory floor, fulfilling repetitive and time-consuming tasks between suppliers, buyers and customers with error-free efficiency.

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Forms of Automation Its Various Benefits

Data Collection

Data in

AI can intelligently capture and validate data from paper forms, invoices, receipts, images, video and audio.

Reducing the burden of low value, high volume tasks in the data collection process can vastly improve efficiency, accuracy and job satisfaction.

System Integration

Data between

Automation is facilitating smart communication between systems and offering new opportunities for process optimisation.

Data can be passed automatically and reliably between existing, trusted systems - greatly reducing repeatable, ‘swivel chair’ activities and allowing for seamless collaboration between departments and quicker service to customers.

Support & Messaging

Data out

AI-powered dynamic marketing and automated messaging based on behaviour, actions, purchases, and interests is taking personalised services to another level.

Customers are enjoying near-instant insurance claim and loan application processing from businesses with AI-powered service desks and chatbots.

Low-Risk Integration

Robotic process automation is non-invasive and can be implemented without disturbing existing systems.


Diminish the scope for human error and improve the safety of your workplace.


Automation can reduce human contact with sensitive data and provide clear, honest audit trails.


Reduce the time your employees spend on repetitive tasks and free up time for innovative problem solving.


Lightning-fast data processing and anomaly monitoring with consistent and accurate results.


A reduction in manual errors leads to improved data quality, enabling more reliable analysis.

Our 3 Step Plan to Automating your Business

Start seeing the payoffs in a matter of weeks

1. Schedule a free discovery session

Tell us your business goals, pain points and bottlenecks and we'll help you determine where automation would be most beneficial.

2. Have your business activities and workflows automated

Experience a stress-free development cycle with minimal downtime, no hidden costs and daily progress updates.

3. Enjoy the benefits

Immediately see the workflow efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced costs that come with running a cloud-native, digital, automated business.