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App Development

Launch a modern, fully customised web or mobile app to engage with your customers or streamline your day-to-day business operations

We build bespoke, cloud hosted applications to fit any industry and use case. We’ve built apps that tell mine operators where to send their excavators, predict vehicle breakdowns to fleet managers, extract and convert handwritten forms to text, and generate accurate sales trends for retailers.

Our applications incorporate our data analytics and machine learning expertise to help drive better decisions, and run a smarter business. Modern cloud computing has made developing and deploying compelling web and mobile applications quicker and easier than ever.

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Test your app anywhere

Get activity and performance insights from across the globe on any device and any network Learn More

Quick and Easy Scalability

Gone viral and hit 100,000 users over night? No problem, your cloud infrastructure will automatically scale up (and down) to meet demand. Only pay for the resources you're actually using.

No Downloads or Updates Needed

A cloud hosted application is accessed through a device's web browser. The version you deploy is the version your users will see immediately. No app store visits or "Remind me later" needed.

Any device on any network

All devices are not made equal. A well built Progressive Web App (PWA) can ensure your application runs as desired on any mobile device, regardless of make or type.

Got a problem you'd like to solve with an app?

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